Thinking about renewable energy, the first things that come to mind are usually  large fields of solar panels facing the sun, wind farms with revolving blades or turbines behind dams producing hydropower. But another source of renewable- energy already accounts for about half of Europe´s renewable-energy consumption  — biomass.

Wood pellets belong to the biomass group of renewable-energies and are gaining in importance to fulfill the European Commission’s renewable-energy targets.

Wood pellets are a reliable, long-term renewable and carbon neutral fuel which are  competitively priced against other fuels such as coal, oil and gas. The volatile pricing of traditional fossil fuels makes the use of wood pellets increasingly attractive. The sustainability of wood pellets gives independence from dwindling fossil fuel resources. Wood pellets are generally characterized by low moisture content, high calorific value and low emission and ash residue.

Wood pellets are most dependable, quality consistent, eco friendly, renewable alternate fuel for generating heat in many forms for many applications in industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Wood pellets represent a realistic renewable fuel solution, available now and sustainable into the future.